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Outdoors Stair Lift Solutions For Seniors

Stair lift Types For Seniors Outdoors Stair Lifts

Many people are aware of the availability of residential indoor lifts for the handicapped and elderly but many are less aware that outdoor stair lifts are also available.  If your home is built on an uneven block of land then chances are that access to the exterior areas of your property is challenging and cumbersome for even the most agile individual. Thankfully, there are solutions to this common problem..

We often forget that mobility issues in the home don't just stop inside the front and back doors. For many people, having access to the outside of the home is just as important as having access inside but can be practically impossible if there are steps or steep areas to navigate. This can now be overcome with the installation of outdoor stair lifts.

Features of Outdoor Stair Lifts
Outdoor stair lifts have all the same safety features and options of indoor stair lifts but are specifically designed to operate in outdoor environments. They can be installed on back or front steps, garden steps, sundecks, verandahs or garages, in face, pretty much anywhere you choose. This not only has the benefit of making the outdoors area accessible again, but it also encourages the user to experience the numerous health benefits that only periods in the fresh air can provide.

In order to prevent rusting, all metallic components of the outdoor stair lift should be either aluminum, zinc plated or oil annealed. If you live in coastal areas look for designs that are made to withstand salt air which can be particularly corrosive. Any plastic components should be heat and UV resistant to reduce fading and protect from sun damage. Some outdoor stair lifts come with plastic covers which is useful if the lift is not being used for extended periods.

Installation of Outdoor Stair Lifts
As with any electric stair lift options, your outdoor stairlift will need to be custom fitted to suit the area and the users requirements. A home evaluation may be required to ensure the correct measurements are taken and that any specific needs of the user are able to be met. Access to a power source will be required and may necessitate additional costs.

Installing an outdoor stair lift at your home may provide you with the option to remain in your family home as long as you choose to rather than being forced to find alternative accommodation because of mobility issues. It really is worth looking into for this reason alone.

Electric stair lifts can be self installed or fitted by a qualified installer. Check with your supplier for any council regulations that apply to installations of outdoor stair lifts in your area.