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Tips For Hiring a Contractor

What You Should Know Before You Hire a Contractor

This article discusses the how to select the right contractor, what to avoid, getting quotes, the contract, payment arrangements, and how to deal with problems that could arise.

Tips for Homeowners

1: Make your Project clear:

It is important for the professionals to know what do you want to be done, this is the reason for you to explain with all details possible what do you want to be done or what is your problem to be fixed. That way, professionals will be able to know if they are able to do it and more importantly they will know how much to bid.

2: Answer our questionnaire carefully:

From the questions you will be asked we will determine which categories your project falls upon and then which professionals will apply for the job. If you are not accurate in the answers of the questionnaire you won’t get the right professionals and the project will have to be done again and this is a hassle for everybody. Even though some questions may seem very obvious we encourage you to fill them according to your needs for a better service for you and easiness for the professional.

3: Take your time to review your project:

It won’t harm you to double check your project when you are about to post it, maybe you forgot something or you want to add something else. All the info you submit is very valuable for the professionals and you will get a much more accurate bid if you add more info than if you don’t. For example if you just make a bid like:

“I need a plumber for my septic tank”

Professionals won’t know if you need a new septic tank or if you want it to be cleaned or fixed and then you will get a lot of wrong bids. Review the project a couple of times before posting it, it will help you in the end.

4: Wait for some time until you award the project:

Some professionals do not look at the website everyday or may be working on another project the day you submitted yours. If you don’t wait enough you won’t get too many responses to your project, and the more bids you get the cheaper and better service you will receive in the end. Post your project with some time unless it is an urgent matter to be fixed immediately.

5: Read all bids carefully:

When a professional posts a bid will include the costs like the materials and other services in it, or maybe he won’t. Consider and weigh all the bids carefully because some may include the materials while others won’t, some will include the transportation and some others won’t etc… choose the best value to your money by counting all expenses.

6: Do not be shy and ask:

Quite a few doubts may arise while you are reading bids because some include materials, others don’t etc… if you have any doubt, ask the professional whatever you need, maybe if the materials are included, if the transportation is included, which materials will be used, how many time will it take for them to start, how many time they think it will take for the work to be done… for our experience lots of problems between professionals and homeowners arise because of a deficient communication. Asking is free and won’t harm you and the professional will be pleased to reply you.

7: Consider the ratings:

The ratings are the most important feature of this site. Other homeowners have rated their experiences with the professional and you can make profit of it. The better rating, the better professional. It is good to take the ratings in consideration as well as the price, sometimes the cheapest one is not the one who will give you the best value to your money, after all you want a well done project, not just a cheap one.

8: Consider the reviews:

Reviews are also very important. When a homeowner reviews a professional, he/she posts all the issues about the job, if the price was cheap or expensive as well as the overall quality of the job done. Sometimes ratings and reviews seem not to match, for example you can find someone with a review “This professional did a great job” and he was underrated. This is because some homeowners are very picky, same as the opposite you may find a review “He crashed all my furniture, but then he repaired it and everything went more or less ok” and the rate is high. Read the reviews and act accordingly with the ratings and the price.

9: Make good reviews and rate accordingly:

A one line review is very little. Even if the work for you is finished it will be nice for other homeowners to get long and detailed reviews of the professional. Do not limit your reviews to “the work went fine” and explain how the work was done, and all the details you want like if the professional is clean, friendly etc… everything is good to be taken in consideration when you are going to hire a professional, and other homeowners will be happy to see a detailed review of the professional they are about to hire. Also rate the professional according to the review and do not underrate or overrate them.

10: Give a chance to beginners:

The fact that they do not have any reviews or ratings means they never had a job through our site, but it doesn’t mean they are dummies. They may have a lot of experience working in the field and they are pretty much interested in getting good reviews and ratings so they will offer you better prices. Make profit of this and give them a chance, mostly for small jobs.

11: Be open to new ideas:

For creative projects like gardening it is difficult to picture what are you going to do after the job is done. Be open to ideas from the professionals, after all they are the professionals and have been doing this for a long time. Sometimes you can save money as well if you do what you are told instead of sticking to your own ideas.

12: Unveil cheaters:

If you see someone doing something which is against the rules of the site, report it to the site. This will help you and future users to get a better experience and a better work done. We got moderators and we monitor our site but sometimes something may be slipped or a moderator didn’t check that part of the site still. Do not be shy and report whatever you think it is not ok.