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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I choose Home Contractors Direct?
We have years of experience in finding the right contractor/professional with the right homeowner.  Unlike a other media, like phone books, is much more interactive and personal. We are dedicated and have a vast selection of professionals and a precise review system which helps you select the right professional for your project. We also evaluate each qualified professional saving you the time and need to do so.

Which countries are eligible?
We have professionals within all of the United States of America and part of Canada.  If you are located anywhere within the US there will be no problems in finding the right professional for your project.

What kind of services does Home Contractors Direct offer?
Home Contractors Direct offers a great selection of services. From Architectural services, to kitchen remodelling, to disaster repair services just to name a few; and there are many more. A list of our services is posted on the home page ( As technology advances and our name grow we will equally adapt and extend our services to meet your needs. Please feel free to suggest any other services at

How can I find the most suitable professional through Home Contractors Direct?
The process is user-friendly. Once you’ve registered you will be able to submit the type of service/project you need by answering various questions regarding the project. This will not only give you a better idea and understanding of your project requirements but will also eliminate the other categories of services.  Then Home Contractors Direct will choose the right professionals under your category and notify you.

Do I have to work with a professional from the list?
Not at all, we only provide you with a list of professionals that have met our ongoing criteria. You are under no obligation to choose any one of the professionals.

How qualified are the professionals?
We diligently check each professional’s records through our high criteria. Things such as SSN identification, previous experience and legal contracts are checked regularly to ensure quality service is maintained.  We have also implemented a ratings and review system; which upon completion of a project the homeowner can write a review of the project (i.e. the quality and timely matters). We later assess and determine whether the professional is right for future projects and take the necessary steps to ensure professionalism and satisfaction.   

What is the ratings and review system?
The ratings and review system was designed to help homeowners and depict and contrast one professional from another. While one contractor may be speedy and can do a fair job, another can be slow and accomplish a more professional project. Our system helps distinguish the difference from both and lets homeowners know valuable information before going into a project. The ratings and review system is written by homeowners once the project is complete, and publishes all reviews (good and bad). Please be courteous and write reviews at the end of projects in order to assist future homeowners.

When should I rate or write a review?
You can technically post a rating or a review whenever you’d like. However we highly recommend you write/rate the professional once the job/project is finished.

Why should I rate and review a professional?
It is important for you to rate and review a professional once the project is completed. This lets other users and Home Contractors Direct distinguish whether the service provided was good or not.  This helps us and future homeowners seeking a professional, not only does it add value to our company but it also establishes a strong community.

What if I change my mind and decide to cancel the project?
If you change your mind in the middle of an active project and decide to cancel it, it is between you and the professional to work it out in an appropriate manner. Home Contractors Direct is simply a portal to professionals and homeowners, the contract/agreement upon starting a project is between you and that professional. Full-refunds are rare so we recommend you use our active rate and review system for your choice in a deciding the right professional for you.

Where can I post a complaint?
Complaints regarding a professionals’ service can be written in the rate and review section once the project is complete, or if the project is cancelled halfway and both parties are finished. It is important that all feedback, both negative and positive be left in the rate and review section. If a professional did amazing job don’t forget to write it in the rate and review section, this helps the community and helps the professional obtain more projects.

What actions will be taken upon negative complaints?
This depends entirely on the situation. We conduct our investigations thoroughly and in a way that is both fair to the homeowner and the professional, we weigh both sides evenly and make the final decision.  From our experience complaints are usually due to small misunderstandings that can easily be identified and handled. We reserve the right to suspend/ban reoccurring negative users.

How do you determine/select the professionals at Home Contractors Direct?
At Home Contractors Direct our goal is to provide you with the best support and service possible. That being said, we are not obligated but are committed to ensuring homeowners have a pleasant and professional experience. Each professional is screened by history, insurance, past financial statements and legal liabilities. We also use third parties to find any extra and relevant information that will determine whether we accept or decline a professionals’ ability to access our services and website.   

What is the cost of hiring someone from Home Contractors Direct?
Are you ready for this? It’ll cost you $0.00. Our service is free to homeowners and will always be free to homeowners. We charge professionals for advertising on the website, like the yellow pages or any free news paper, the only difference is we’re user-friendly, dedicated to finding you the right professional, and help you with any issues or concerns.

Am I paying the right/fair price for the job?
It is up to you to ensure that you’re paying the right amount for the project at hand. You must read the contract that the professional provides and bid as you would outside the internet. If you have any concerns or estimation inquires regarding the project be sure to contact the professionals from the chosen list for further details.


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