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Components of Interior Design

Whether you are working with existing accouterment and fabrics or “starting from scratch” with an blank room, you should always ingest the elements and principles of organisation as a pass in choosing everything.  The elements are your tools or nakedness materials, such same paints are the basics to a painter. The elements of organisation include space, line, form, color, and texture. The principles of organisation relate to how you ingest these elements and are balance, emphasis, rhythm, proportion and scale, and harmony and unity.

Interior Design

Element #1: Space
Space defines the boundaries and sets the limits on the functional and nonfunctional things you crapper do.  Usually you will not watch the space; instead, you will be faced with the challenge of using the existing space effectively.

Element #2: Line
The lines in a shack are second only to colouration in importance when it comes to environment the coverall mood or opinion of a room.  The lines of pane fashions should support the dominant distinction of the room. In most situations, the dominant distinction is straightforward (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) rather than curved. Your choice of emphasizing the content of lines will watch the mood you want to create.
•    Vertical lines add height and dignity, creating a more conventional atmosphere. Vertical lines also balance the horizontal lines found in most furniture.
•    Horizontal lines tend to create a restful, informal feeling. They work substantially in unplanned flat or as relief to the strong verticals of conventional rooms.
•    Diagonal lines draw attention and lead the eye. They crapper be disturbing unless supported by verticals or anti diagonals.
•    Curved lines add a softening effect and keep the shack from decent likewise stiff. Use curved lines with some restraint to keep the shack from decent likewise soft and overly feminine.

Element #3: Form
Lines that tie together produce the form, or shape, of an object, which in turn impacts the coverall opinion of a room.  Straight lines create rectangles, conservativist and triangles. Curved lines modify circles and ovals. The rectangle is the most popular modify and is ofttimes the dominant appearance in a room. Triangles provide unchangeability and curved shapes soften the contours of objects.

Element #4: Color
More than any other element, colouration crapper attain a shack beautiful. Color crapper ordered the mood. It crapper attain a shack warmer or cooler, large or smaller. It crapper hide unsightly features or call attention to the center of interest. Even with the simplest furnishings, the proper ingest of colouration crapper transform a room.

Element #5: Texture
Texture is playing an progressively essential role in bag decorating. Visual texture is a material’s manifest smoothness or roughness. To maintain and enhance a unplanned feeling, ingest fabrics that are more hard textured, nubby or wrinkled visual texture. Smooth, shiny surfaces such as silk, moiré, chintz and silk-like looks support a more conventional opinion in a room.  Using individual levels of complementary textures adds variety and maintains interest. However, it is a good intent to refrain dramatic contrasts in texture.


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