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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  •                                               FAQ’S FROM CONTRACTORS

    Why should I choose Homecontractorsdirect.com to advertise my services?

    We have a wide experience in matching professionals and homeowners and we also screen the professionals working in the site so people will know you are a reliable worker before contracting you. We have a great volume of work as more people is noticing how nice is to know the reviews of a provider before giving the go.

    Which areas do can I provide my services at?

    We cover all US and part of Canada. We have providers all over the country, while you are in the United States there is no problem for you to offer your services at Homecontractorsdirect.com.

    Which kind of services can I provide at Homecontractorsdirect.com?

    At Homecontractorsdirect.com we have got barely all the necessary services covered, in our main page you can find a directory of all the covered activities, which may include from cleaning to hurricane protection systems. Please take a look carefully to the list and we are sure that you will find the kind of services you are offering. This list will be growing in the future as the demand flows or newer technologies are added to the market. If you have any suggestion or you provide services not offered here please let us know to consider adding more categories.

    How will I be picked by homeowners to provide services to them ?

    The process is crystal clear and easy to follow by everybody. When you register you are able to submit the nature of the services you provide by answering a questionnaire, this questionnaire not only helps us to fit your service into the most suitable category. With the information gathered in the questionnaire, Homecontractorsdirect.com will find the professionals who are listed under the category needed by the homeowner, and then he gets to choose among all the professionals listed.

    So, I will I be picked up if I am the only one providing the services?

    No, the final choice is up to the client. We just provide him a list of professionals who are capable of doing the job posted, but if the homeowner wants to hire them or not is completely up to the homeowner and there is no obligation to hire anybody.

    Is there any guarantee of my skills here?

    Absolutely. We screen all the professionals at Homecontractorsdirect.com for their reliability so you can rely on them. We screen them for criminal records, for SSN identification, and for other kind of records before accepting them to join our network. Also we follow an information system with reviews and ratings from previous users so homeowners can watch the opinion of past customers about their job. Once the service is finished the homeowner will be able to rate you as well for future users, this is the best way to know if a professional is the right one or not. In ads everybody posts the best feedbacks they got from customers, but we post every feedback good or not.

    What is the ratings and reviews system?

    Probably, ratings and reviews is the best way to know if a professional is good or not. Just imagine that there was a record where customers can post what they think about the professional who did the job for them. That is exactly what you get at Homecontractorsdirect.com, a list of all the feedbacks given by customers to the professionals. That way the homeowner will be able to check if everything is ok with that professional as well as the good points of their work.

    When do I get rated and reviewed?

    When the job is finished. There is no way for us to know when the work is going to be finished so in the moment the homeowner is ready to do it, he/she can visit the site and ask to make a review and rating for you.

    Is it important to get good rates and reviews?

    Of course it is, probably it is the most important step to make of this a reliable site. When you are rated future users will know if you are good or not, take it as the neighboring gossip about the corner store. When someone has a complaint will tell his neighbors and this is just the same. If something was wrong with your job, future users will know about that and will consider it in order to hire you or another.

    What happens if a homeowner changes his mind in the middle of a project and decides to cancel it?

    If the homeowner takes the decision in the middle of a job it is just the same as if he contacted you in any other way like a phone book. We just put you in contact with him, but the details of the contract are completely up to you and the homeowner. If the homeowner cancels a project while it is still being done he/she will have to work out with you about it, but probably will have to pay for the work done to the point where he/she decided to cancel it. Even though, he will be able to rate the you, because maybe the reason for you to cancel the project was the poor results of the job.

    Where are posted the complaints against me?

    All complaints related to the service of any professional can be posted in the rating and reviews section when the work has been finished. This means that if a homeowner decides to stop a project because he/she is unhappy with the job done he/she will be able to rate that professional for future users to know. Besides complaints they can also give good feedbacks about your skill.

    Will Homecontractorsdirect.com take any measure against a professional upon receiving a complaint?

    User’s feedbacks are valuable for us as it is the opinion of the professional. We will weigh the both sides of the balance and then we will make a final decision, for our experience the most usual reason for a complaint or a bad experience is just misunderstanding between both parties. If there are recurring negative feedbacks against a professional or if there are clear evidences against him, we reserve the right of suspending the professional from Homecontractorsdirect.com.

    Do I have to meet any criteria to join the site?

    At Homecontractorsdirect.com we want to give you the best experience and thus, we screen our professionals At Homecontractorsdirect.com we are not obligated but we are committed to screen the professionals working for the site in order to bring to the customer the best service possible so we follow a process of verification of the skills of every professional by the following ways. We verify the insurance of every professional. We contact the insurance to verify the liability of their insurance related to the services they are willing to provide at Homecontractorsdirect.com. We also verify the trade license at state-level and the state of business fillings if applicable. In order to guarantee your safety, Homecontractorsdirect.com also searches the owner or principal of the company in different records like for example the sex offender web site in the state where the company is located and also we use different third party methods to search for criminal records or any relevant criminal activity. To prevent you from undesired problems we also search the owner or principal of the company for history of bankruptcy fillings against or by them and also for civil legal judgments against them at state level. Also we will search the owner or principal against liens. To ensure the professionals comply with their obligations, we check their identity through the social security number and also we conduct a reverse phone lookup to identify the information is matching with the records provided by the professionals.


    How much do I charge the homeowner?

    It is up to you to bid the amount of money you want. The customer will choose according to your feedbacks, your price and other factors. Of course the cheaper you bid, the easier to get a job.

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